How do I join and become a member?

We offer institutional memberships to our market intelligence service and do not offer individual subscriptions to join contact us at “veronica at CeFiWire.com”.

How can I contact you?

We are based in New York’s FiDi next door to the NYSE. Email us at “members at CeFiWire.com” to set up a meeting.

I have news, how do I let you know?

We would love to hear from you. Send us an email at “editors at CeFiWire.com” and a reporter will get back to you.

How do I login?

CeFiWire is hosted on the Substack technology platform. To read CeFiWire you must create an account using the email address you registered with. Typically, this is your corporate email address. Substack will send you a “magic login link” or you can use the password that you created. We are unable to change (or even know) your password.

What is Substack and how do I use it?

Think of Substack as YouTube for newsletters: It’s the rails that allows writers to easily deliver our best ideas to you via e-mail and a website. Once you create an account with Substack, you can subscribe to CeFiWire or many other newsletters and writers. And once you’re logged into your account, ALL of your subscriptions appear in one place.

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It can be a little confusing at first. But once you’re logged in, all of your content is one easy-to-find and easy-to-read place. It allows us to easily publish our news and analysis to thousands of people.

If I’ve paid for a membership, how do I login to my account?

You do NOT need a unique username and password to login to your account, although you can set one up if you like. Take a look at the ‘Sign in’ page below. The easiest way to ‘Sign in’ is to enter your email address where it says ‘Your Email’, then click on the orange box below that says ‘Email Sign in link.’ A ‘magic link’ will be sent via email to the address you signed up with. Clicking on that link will take you directly into the site. (Please note the image below is just an image and not a live ‘Sign in’ Page.)

If you are more Trad, you can also create a password for your account. If you choose to do that, make sure to write it down somewhere. On the form above, you’d enter your email address and then click on ‘sign in with password.’

What if I forgot my password or don’t remember setting one up at all?

Creating, forgetting, and resetting your password are common issues with any new service or website. Here’s a quick guide to resolving any trouble you may be having.

1.    If you want to create an account with Substack, and a password, so you can subscribe to CeFiWire’s e-mail, click here.

2.    If you already created a Substack account but have accidentally logged out and want to log back into to read your research, click here.

3.    If you forgot your password or don’t remember setting one up in the first place, you may need to re-set it. You can do that here.

Where can I change or update my the e-mail address associated with my account?

For instructions on how to change your e-mail delivery address, please go here.

How can I change or update my credit card and payment details?

To change or update your payment details for your paid subscription, please read and follow the instructions here.

Where are the Weekly Updates and the Monthly Most Read?

Once you ARE logged in, you should be able to see ALL the posts--both free and paid. We publish our Weekly Update on Fridays and our Monthly Most Read on the first business day of each month.

Everything we publish is sent directly to your email, the Substack App (if you have it on your mobile device) and posted to our website and archived. Post for paying subscribers only have a little padlock icon next to then. This indicates the post is ‘locked’ and only visible to paying subscribers.

How can I contact you if I’m having a problem?

You can reply to each post on the website if you have a problem. When we see it, we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. Or you can email us directly at editors@CeFiWire.com.

Why am I not getting your emails?

If you’ve signed up and your payment is confirmed but you haven’t received any e-mails from us, our emails are probably going to your Promotions folder (in g-mail) or perhaps your spam folder (in Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and others).

The best way to avoid this to add CeFiWire to your contacts in your email service. Also, if you DO see an e-mail from us in your spam folder, mark it as NOT spam and your e-mail provider will send it to your inbox.

Do you need a social media or Twitter account to be a subscriber?

No. You don’t need any social media accounts to follow us. Everything will be sent to you by e-mail and posted at our website at substack.CeFiWire.com

But you can find us on Twitter @CeFiWire.