Sitemap - 2023 - CeFiWire

CeFiWire Most Read for September 1: The SEC Smashes the "Delay" Button

401(k)'s David Loses to DoL Goliath

Christoph Taps Securitize to Tokenize a BlackRock ETF

What Does Grayscale's Legal Victory Mean?

CeFiWire Most Read for August 25: Fidelity's Bitcoin Mafia Graps WSJ's Attention

McKinsey Has Four Tips for Tokenizers

AsiaNext Taps a Fidelity’s Colt for High-Speed Digital Asset Trading

Non-U.S. Investors Get Another Token Backed by a U.S. Treasuries Fund

Dinari Goes Live with Tokenized Stocks

Maple Raises Funds, Returns to Solana

It's Official. Anchorage Wins EDX's Custody Mandate

CeFiWire Most Read for August 18: Securitize Buys OnRamp. What Does it Mean?

Carlos Makes a Deal

Jacobi ETP Goes Live, Ark ETP Faces Delay

Bitgo Raises $100 million in an Up Round

CeFiWire Most Read for August 11: The Fed Throws a Curveball

Archax Wins Approval to Distribute Arbdn Tokenized Money Market UCITs

Bo and Bill Partner to Create Tokenized Commercial Paper

Sid Opens Maple's Cash Pool to U.S. Accredited Investors

Default on Goldfinch Shows How DeFi Differs from TradFi

Fed’s Gibson Targets Banks’ Use of DLT for Special Oversight

C.D. Has to Figure Out a New Gig

Backed Tokenized ETFs on Four More Chains

CeFiWire Most Read for August 4: DeFi Hit by a Curveball

One of FundsDLT’s Backers Buys Out the Other Three

BlockInvest Partners to Create and Distribute Tokenized Bonds

A New Stablecoin? Nathan Creates a New Type of Ondo Token Not Based on an ETF

Jenny’s Engineers Look at More Chains While On Chain Funds Grew 20% in July

State Street Digital Loses a Leader in London

Polygon Goes to Milan

Cagney Cuts Jobs, Still Figure is Profitable and Remains on an IPO Path

CeFiWire Most Read for July 28: A House Divided

Jono Outlines His Next Step for Prime

Carlos Adds Spain to Securitize's Markets

Graham Rings the Bell on Archax's Crypto Exchange

Transparency is an Issue for Treasury Tokens

Jamil Picks a Platform Partner

Ripple Asks FCA to Send In its Crypto License

CeFiWire Most Read for July 21: A Tale of Two Cities

Has Barry Found His CoinDesk Buyer?

Luc Partners Tokeny With DFNS

FedNow Now Live

French, Glenn and Dusty Intro HR 4763

Jean-Marc Wins His License

Adena Says "No" to Nasdaq's Digital Asset Custody Platform

CeFiWire Most Read for July 14

Jacobi Expects Offer Spot Bitcoin ETP Soon

Polygon Labs Adds a Third Partner Tokenizing Treasury Funds

Donna Takes State Street on a Dual Track to Digital Assets

Jono Hits Go!

Prontoblock Signs on a CEO

TOKO Wins an RFP in Hong Kong

CeFiWire Most Read for July 7

Securitize Japan Wins Bank Loan Token Mandate

Ras Adds a Key Partner for Sologenic

SDX Partners with CV VC to Tokenize Startups

Per’s NY Fed CBDC POC is a Success

Luc’s Vision Realized in “T-REX” Association

Tokenized Pooled Assets Up 33% in July. Maple Plans to Open Cash Pool Via RegD

People Moves: BNY Mellon's Butler & Franklin Templeton's Kaul to Head CTFC DA Subcommittee

Compound's Leshner Joins the World of Mutual Funds, Takes on Franklin Templeton

Julius Baer Eyes Dubai?

Exchanges Amend ETP Apps to ID Coinbase

CeFiWire Most Read for June 30

SEC Questions BlackRock's Spot ETP App

Citi in “Informal Talks” with DA Custodians

Ashley Makes a Deal for Elysium

ASX Open to Putting Tokenized Securities on the Board; Digital Asset's Saraniecki Claims a Lack of Coordination Checkmated CHESS

Raj Announces Mastercard's Blockchain Pilot

Is “0xf4E” One of Prime Trusts "Locked" Wallets? And, Former Nevada Governor Listed on the Failed Custodian's Board

Prime Trust Lost Wallet Access, Tapped Omnibus Account to Replace Crypto

Will Jamil Pick Anchorage Over Paxos?

Sid Positions Maple to Catch the Next Web3 Lending Wave

Second Times the Charm? Fidelity to Apply ... Again ... for a Spot Bitcoin EFT

Fidelity is Integrating Digital Assets into its Advisor Platform

Tokenizing VCCs is on Schroder’s Agenda

Carlos Responds to Prime Trust

CeFiWire Most Read for June 23

Arnaud Takes Next Step for CASEIS

Basak Welcomes Siemens to JPM Coin

AsiaNext Takes its Next Step Before Launch

Primed to Go. Bitgo Deal is a No Go

Is Fidelity Really Bidding for Grayscale? Really?

Kendrick Not Shy in Wooing INX

DigiShares Feels Out an ATS Partner

Jamil Opens the Doors; Raises More Cash

Jono Mostly Wins Board Battle

We Want Our NFT! Clients Want NFT Custody Says DB’s Lynne

CeFiWire Most Read for June 16

Charlie and Martin Team to Provide an End-to-End Solution for Institutional Bonds

Larry is Not -- We Repeat NOT -- Creating a Spot Bitcoin ETF for BlackRock

The Tokenizer is Working on a Euro Stablecoin

Will Investors Swarm to Tokenized BLK, MSFT, NVDA or COIN?

Is Larry's Team Mulling a Bitcoin ETF?

UBS Tokenizes BOCI Notes

Belshe Loses his Case Against Novogratz

Belshe is Primed to Buy Jor's Trust

CeFiWire Most Read for June 9

Ramirez Stands By ForUsAll's Crypto Ally

People Moves: Archax Taps a Sales Head

Novogratz Sees No New Laws Passing

Julian Partners for its Staking 2.0 Service

Add abrdn to the List of Fund Tokenizers

Does Schroders Have its Shortlist?

Alejandro and Luc Tokenize Bonds for SMEs

EIB's Fourth Tokenized Bond will be on a Fourth Platform

Arca's Steinberg Huddles Down

Is Graham Prepping a Thursday Launch of Tokenized Stocks and Bonds?

CFTC's Christy Likes Cboe's App

Six Indian Banks Tie Into Onyx

Two Startups Partner to Bring Security Tokens to DeFi

CeFiWire Most Read for June 2

Taurus Places a Layer-2 Bet

A House Tokenizer Taps TOKO

Perrin Seals a Series A

Another Digital Assets Custodian Focused on Institutions is Going Away

Obligate Adds Oil to its Offerings

What is State Street up to?

Celsius New Stock Could Still be Tokenized

Tokenized Pooled Assets Take a Dip. More on How Steakhouse Counts Marketshare

Aaron Says There Must be a Place for DAs to Trade

CeFiWire Most Read for May 26

SC Ventures Exits Metaco

Barry Pulls the Plug on Breanne

Dmitry Inks Deals #5 and #6 for ClearLoop

Cagney's Celsius Bid Loses to Arrington

ADDX Tokenizes an Equity-Linked Structured Note

Simon Says What is Coming Next Now that the Fusion Spot Platform is Trading

HKEX Goes with Loong

DRW Taps into DLR

Jenny and Nathan Take the Lead in Tokenizing Pooled Assets

Tia Tokens are not for Forever

CeFiWire Most Read for May 19

Cagney's Play for Celsius Lags Arrington's

"We're Flying," Says Moy

Brad Buys Metaco for $250 Million

MatrixPort Loops Into Copper

SEC Argues to Court that Gary's Words Don't Represent the Commission's Views

Dmitry Adds an Ex-Copper as CCO and Brings Fnality Ties to the Board

BondEvalue Wins on of Seven Digital Assets Spots in A&O's Fuse Innovation Hub

CeFiWire Most Read for May 12

Jenny's Team at FT Preps a Second Blockchain PE Fund

One of These Three Grayscale ETFs is Not Like the Rest

Anton Buys a Portfolio Management Platform

MakerDao Closes its SG-Forge Credit Vault

Does Cagney Have Apollo in His Corner?

Gensler Passes on Defining Digital Assets, For Now ...

Yuval Unwraps Canton Network with 29 Partners

Sid Pours T-Bill Yields onto a DeFi Platform

Is PV01 Max's Next Big Thing?

CeFiWire Most Read for May 5

INX Adds an Institutional Wallet Solution

Carlos Broadens the Scope of the Hamilton Lane Partnership

Julian Signs on a CCO

CeFiWire Attends DAW California

People Moves: Deloitte Goes on Hiring Blitz

Inga Bridges Wholesale and Retail CBDCs

CeFiWire Most Read for April 28

Consensus 2023: “It’s All About the Benjamins,” Says Dre

Fifteen Banks in Line for Onyx Swaps Service

Julian Raises a $36mm Series A

Jono Still Primed for Launch

Novogratz Finds a Star Partner in Europe

Consensus 2023: Jenny Expands Her Vision

Consensus 2023: Jeremy Wants a "Super Powered" Internet Dollar

Cboe Digital Hires a BizDev Director

RedSwan CRE Taps a Tokenizer

Cagney Brings Wall Street Underwriters to Provenance

Will Cagney Float a Public Stock Token?

Jenny's Team Grows OnChain

CeFiWire Most Read for April 21

Going to Consensus? Meet Wyoming's Senator

Herwig Opens His Portal

Dmitry Wrangles Two C-Suiters

Jean-Marc Mints a Euro Stablecoin

MiCA Officially a Go

Robyn Likes DLT, Not Cryptos

O’Meara Lands a Real Estate Titan

CoinDesk Wins FA Distribution for its Indices

Caroline Adds a Former CEO to Her Team

Jono Buys as Part of Prep for Prime’s Launch

Showdown: Gensler v. McHenry

Singapore's Ngs offer T-Bill Tokens

Chair Gensler’s Wild Ride

MiCA Vote Thursday?

CeFiWire Most Read for April 14

Roman Signs on a Partnership Head for BNY Mellon

Zeeb Lends His Expertise to an AI Startup

Graham Questions Jono and WisdomTree Prime, Starts Proxy Fight

More than $28 Billion Tokenized on T-REX

AB Moves to Next Step With AllFunds

Nathan Preps a Tokenized Money Fund, Taps a Prez & COO

John Woos Big Names for Ava Labs

Anton and Ethan Add Talent to Their Team

Bitfinex Wins a License for a Tokenized Securities Exchange

Luc Brings CoFund and a Bali Hotel to Tokeny

Graham Offers a Tokenization Engine

BIS Offers Tokenization Primer

Blockchain Callable Loans are Now a Thing

Hsu's OCC Lets Chad’s App Expire Too

Are Proof of Climate Awareness Protocols the Next Big Thing?

CeFiWire Most Read for April 7

Azimut Next Step is a Native Tokenized Fund

Mataco Harmonizes with Fifth Bank Partner

Ava Labs Launches Subnet for Buy and Sell-Side Institutions

Can ADAM Overcome its Original Sin?

Copper Taps into English Trusts

INX Tokenizes the First Stock for its ATS Platform

Broadridge DLR Goes Cross-Border

DA’s Yuval Finds a Big Name Strategic Partner

Victor Finds a Partner to Bring Distribution Scope Across SE Asia for HL's Tokens

CeFiWire Most Read for March 31

Ronit's Team at Citi Sees the Future of Finance

Abrdn Has Moir Plans Than Tokenizing Funds

Euroclear is Prepping a DLT Bond Platform

Why Does Goldman Sachs Use Private Blockchain?

London Real Estate DLT Play Raises £4 million

Brett Sees a Long Queue At Coinbase's Door

McHenry Lays Out Path for Digital Assets Law

Harrigan Starts His Next Gig

Savarese Explores Nasdaq's DA Strategy

Look for Tougher Crypto Regs After G20, G7

D'Agostino Will Cut Through Regulatory Fog

Rostin Targets CZ

Sygnum: “Still No Americans Allowed”

Ira Shares Nasdaq DA's Timeline

CeFiWire Most Read for March 24

Oasis Pro Markets SOCs it 2-em

Amine and Rachid Partner to Tokenize PIPEs

Swift Pilot Promises to Take Humans Out of the Data Scrubbing Chain

Advisors May Proffitt With Access to Tokenized Private Equity

Carole House Takes the Chair at CFTCs' TAC

Benedikt Readies Public Opening

Jez Invests in a CeFi Clearing House

Joe's Report to Congress Bashes DeFi

No DLT Demand at DTCC?

MiCA Votes Gets a Date

FedNow to Open in July

Greg Gilman Faces a Choice

CeFiWire Most Read for March 17

Larry is Token ... Yet Again

Copper and State Street Go Own Ways

Events Prove the Value of Greg Gilman's Vision

Marcelo is a Bell Ringer ... Literally

News Roundup: DEFYCA Tests Tokenized Debt

Nathan and Diogo Make a Tough Cut

Dmitry Tightens the Belt


Oasis Pro Remains Strategically Acquisitive

Siemer Looking at Deals

Finexity Taps Bank Partner to Expand Reach

CeFiWire Weekly Update, March 10

NowCM Deepens its DLT Expertise

AMF Lists Three More DASPs

Benedikt Hires for Growth

French Hill Gavels His First Hearing

Pham Goes to the Hill to Discuss DAs

Claus Tokenizes His Series A

Lamine Gets Busy

CeFiWire Weekly Update, March 3

Yuval’s Team Wins a Sec-Lending Mandate

Newns Welcomes New Partner Kaiser Partner Privatbank

Sir Jon Calls DLT Not Ready for Retail CBDC

Ami Wins U.S Bank's Attention

CeFiWire Most Read for February 2023

Roundup: GS Digital Assets Grows to 70

Torrey Hangs Consulting Shingle

Sygnum Explores “Proof of Solvency”

Adrien Stays Busy with Deals and Hires

Monday Roundup for February 26

Timo Tokenizes Apple, Tesla Shares and BlackRock ETFs

Lobban Preps Greek Innovation Lab

Raghu Expands into Singapore

Monty Tweets at Elon

Schuppli Plans His Launch

Colin Calls 2023 the Year of Tokenization

Friday Roundup

SEC Moves on Crypto Custody

The U.S. Has No Crypto Regs to Export

Sabih Brings Deutsche Bank a Step Closer to Custody of Digital Assets

HAL-Privatbank Tokenizes Siemens' Bonds


Dubai Taps Scott's Toko for New Regs

Hoops is Looking at Deals; Sets DWS on the Path to Become "The Tokenizer"

Monday Roundup

Conferences & Events

Horacio Says Reduce Risk, Bring Immediate Benefits and Let Things Compound

Mike is Figuring on a Smaller Raise

Laser Digital Hires a Distro Head

Wednesday Roundup

SEC Commish Hester Peirce's Remarks Before the Digital Assets at Duke Conference

Fernando Makes a Deal with Zodia

Another Startup Tokenizes a BlackRock ETF

Jono is Primed for Tokenized ’40 Act Funds

Caroline Takes the Reins at BNY Mellon Digital Assets

Victor Gets the First of Three Tokenizations Done

HSBC Wins its First Listing on Orion

Tyrer Departs Fidelity Digital Assets

French Wants the U.S. to Lead DLT Innovation

Chris is Hiring for Fidelity's Euro Digital Assets Team



Our Lingo

LuxSE's Execs See DLT's Potential

A Swiss Bank Tokenizes its Own Shares

Nadine Jumps to a Startup

Robin’s Long-Term Focus is on Digital Assets and DLT

Paypal's Schulman Sees DLT as a Boon

Nathan Tokenizes ETFs

Project Venus Floats Digital Bonds

Jos Builds an Exchange

Larry is Token ... Something